WCNSC Newsletter – January 2006

January 25, 2006

I have finally got the club e-mail list completed. If you do not wish to be on future circulations, please send me a note ASAP.


  1. Despite the warm and wet weather, trails are in great shape following the big dump of snow Saturday. There was so much snow that grooming was difficult on Saturday night and conditions were a little soft on Sunday. Additional grooming Monday should firm up the skating nicely.
  2. Please recognize that a part of the Perimeter Trail is still wet from the heavy rain and a temporary detour is currently in place. Hopefully, the weather will be cold enough at night for this flooded area to freeze and allow for the complete trail to re-open shortly.
  3. Parking on Sunday afternoon was tight and required careful maneuvering. Please help ensure that you take up as little space as possible and that you park as tight to the bank as possible. Remember to keep your parking pass on your dash and to sign the register each time you ski.
  4. Sunday, January 29, will be an OPEN HOUSE for members and guests. The clubhouse will be open by late morning and remain available until late afternoon.
    1. All members, especially NEW members, are encouraged to visit the clubhouse (temporary signage will be up)
    2. Hot Chocolate will be available
    3. Informal waxing and technique instruction will be available. Just ask for Bryan.
  5. New signage has been added to trail entry locations. The wording clearly describes that the ski club is working hard to maintain quality ski trails. If you see non-skiers on the trail, please avoid any form of discussion with them as we feel the signage has communicated all we wish to say. Please let me know by e-mail if you encounter non-skiers on the trails.
  6. It would be great to hear from members! Let us know how we can improve your outing or how the experience met or surpassed your expectations. The Club is interested in compiling your thoughts for future improvements.

Bryan Dumouchel
WCNSC President