Penguin People Ski Event (March 2009)

Wed, 03/18/2009 – 20:00 – Thu, 03/19/2009 – 11:00

Any Penguin People out there?

Last year on March 30th Dev Paul, a local skier and all-around jock organized an informal event called the PenguinMan. He set up a 25km loop in the Gatineau Park and invited people to come to ski 1, 2, 3 or 4 loops. I only learned of the event after the fact last year and was intending to participate this year but I have not seen any indication that it will be held so I’m thinking it would be fun to do the same thing with friends. I want to call it Penguin People.

Put this date on your ski calendar: Thursday, March 19

The idea will be to get underway at 7:00 AM and convene at the Chelsea Pub at 3:00 PM. It is more critical that all participants respect the 3:00 PM gathering time than the 7:00 AM starting time. You choose how many loops you want to complete and pick your start time appropriately.

The loop I propose is as follows:

P8 – Gatineau Pkwy to Penguin Hill to Ridge Rd to Trail 24 to Trail 40 to Trail 33 back to Ridge Rd to Trail 3 to Fortune Pkwy to P10 to P9 to P8

By my rough reckoning, using a string on a map, that is very close to 25km. Anyone with a GPS is welcome to correct me on the actual distance.

There are some interesting and informative write ups and photos from last year’s event. Check out the following links:

Spread the word to your ski friends.

Please let Barrie Ashworth< at know if you plan to join in.

Happy Trails