December 2003

10th Anniversary Newsletter & Membership Renewal Campaign

Preparations for the upcoming winter, WCNSC’s 10th season, are well underway. No doubt. the early arrival of snow has prompted the dusting off of skis and the seasonal check to see if anyone in the family has outgrown equipment. Regardless of when you prepare your equipment, we hope you will be supporting us this year by renewing your membership for the 2003-2004 ski season. Fees have not changed and the services continue to be maintained! Expertly groomed trails, a parking permit and special events continue to be the main attraction of a membership in the WCNSC. The clubhouse with the washroom will be open on days when a special event is scheduled.

Trail Work and Culvert Purchase

For the fourth year in a row, a tractor equipped with a bush hog, has been used to clear brush from trails. The very wet conditions this fall have forced a delay in the clearing of some areas. It is hoped that these damp sections of trail can be serviced after freeze-up. Many thanks to club member Peter Sawyer for coordinating and completing most of the trail clearing. In addition, the club has purchased a used culvert to help with the ravine crossing on a section of trail near the parking lot. With the purchase of gravel and the hiring of a tractor to spread it, the cost of the culvert project will near $600.

Trail Grooming and Equipment Maintenance

The club is fortunate that Randy Belore, a member with his family for the past several years, completes all the maintenance on our equipment and completes most of the trail grooming. He is mechanically inclined and seems to even enjoy the challenge of keeping our old equipment running! Randy is very generous with his volunteer time and we are all appreciative of the work he does on the club’s behalf.

Don’t try to second guess trail conditions by looking out your window!

Again this year members will be able to call 623-3929 to obtain a taped report of current trail conditions in the park. The conditions are also posted on our web site – Both are updated after a grooming has taken place.

Clubhouse Hours

Executive members will have a key and will try to have the facility open when skiing. If you want to use the facility, please check the web site ( for a listing of special events when executive members will be at the park, or call Bryan at 832-0627.

Parking/Day Use Pass

The township plow maintains the main parking area at the park gatehouse/office. Despite the fact that Fitzroy Park remains officially closed over the winter, ski club members, guests and day use skiers are permitted access through the signed agreement with Ontario Parks. When a person or family supports the ski club by purchasing a membership, they are issued a vehicle pass that should remain on their vehicle dash when in the park. Also, vehicles displaying an annual Ontario Parks Pass are permitted access to the park. Day use skiers are required to sign in the guest book located near the gatehouse, recording the date, skier name(s) and vehicle license number. Day Use skiers are asked to support the efforts of the WCNSC and place a per skier donation in the attached receptacle. Four dollars per skier per visit is suggested.

Special Events

The calendar of events will be posted on our web site: These will include waxing and instructional clinics and a candlelight ski. Additional ideas for membership events are welcome.

West Carleton Seconday School Ski Team

Several members of the high school Nordic Ski Team trained at the ski club last winter under the coaching of member Jim Smedley. Many of the skiers, some of them club members as well, went on to represent their school at the Provincial Championships. The club wishes these students and their coach the best of luck this year and hopes they all train hard this winter too!

Spreading the good news!

Please pass on the word about one of “the best kept winter secrets” in West Carleton.

NOTE: Becoming a member supports the ski club more directly! All membership $$ go directly to the ski club to offset trail maintenance and programs.

That’s all the news for now! I hope you find the trails and facilities in excellent condition this winter. With any luck, mother nature will bless us with an abundance of snow. Please don’t forget that this is a volunteer effort! If you feel you have the time and skills to help – I would love to hear from you.

Happy Trails!

Bryan Dumouchel 832-0627