Emergency Preparedness Plan

What to do in case of an Emergency

While our ski trails give you the enjoyment of nature and a sense of isolation, you are never very far from a traveled roadway in the case of an emergency.

When skiing, know where you are.
The ski trails within Fitzroy Provincial Park are linked but are divided into three main areas:

  • Perimeter Trail – 5 kms in length (follows the perimeter of the Park)
  • Pine Grove – 3 kms. (follows the roadways of the lower camp area of Park)
  • New Trail – 5 kms. (east of Cannon Smith Drive, access off of Perimeter trail). The 5 km loop on the other side of Canon Smith Dr. will NOT be groomed this year. The trail remains open as a backcountry type of “ski In only” experience.

Cannon Smith Drive is the main road outside the Park to the east and Willola Beach Road borders the north of the Park.

In case of an emergency:

Call 911
If you are on the trails and require emergency assistance, call 911. Fitzroy Park does have reasonable coverage for cellular phones as well there are two public pay phones located in the Park. One is at the main parking lot for the Park and the other is located in the lower campground near the ski club clubhouse. Note: using a pay phone for emergency phone numbers does not require money.

If your situation allows, have a member of your party meet the emergency services at the main parking lot. This is the only true winter access for emergency vehicles.

Give complete information of your emergency situation to 911. The better the information, the more prepared the responders will be to your needs.

Know your location. It will be important to know what trail that you are skiing on: Perimeter Trail, Pine Grove Trail (main park area) or New Trail.

Fitzroy Provincial Park – Civic Address:
Fitzroy Provincial Park – 5201 Canon Smith Drive, Fitzroy Harbour, K0A 1X0

Other considerations

  1. For any “wilderness” situation, be prepared for the unexpected.
  2. Ski with a buddy.
  3. If alone, tell someone where you are going, what skiing trail(s) will you be taking, how long you will be, when you anticipate returning.
  4. Carry a map of the ski trails, cell phone, water, and a first aid kit.

Ski Safe!